That Place You Arrive and Never Want to Leave

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Kristin Daemon

I crested a hill coming into the town of Wanaka and had a beautiful view of the lake and alpine mountain tops.  In November, it was spring in New Zealand and I walked down to the edge of the lake to take in the serenity of the of crystal water.  The lapping waves soothed my tired mind and the water was so clear and cool it was all I could do to keep from scooping a handful and putting it to my lips to drink.  Lake Wanaka

After a slow stroll along the rocky beach, I found a comfortable café on a bustling corner.  I’d been working and traveling for months and this was my first respite since a free afternoon in Melbourne a few weeks before.  I sat there sipping a flat white, listening to the conversations around me.  The New Zealand accent is a cross between the English and…

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Pain Suggests God’s Absence

Pain is a real thing.

While pain itself may not exclaim His absence, the lack of deliverance from the pain often does.  Have you ever spent time in desperate prayer asking for the pain to go away?  And when you realize the pain still exists, do you not wonder where God has gone or if He’s really listening?  Have you ever endured the pain of consequences only to experience little relief from prayer?  Have you ever experienced the pain of losing something or someone most dear and still, years later, continue to experience that pain?  In the midst of continual pain, have you ever cried out in righteous anger from the hurt to tell God how much He can’t possibly know the depths of your pain?

Pain is a real thing.

It sounds a bit cliche but God knows – with full understanding – the depths of pain.  He understands loss, He understands betrayal, He gets the pain of standing firm in the midst of temptation, He understands losing a best-friend, He relates with the unpopular — He knows how it feels to doubt God in the midst of pain!

But doubt isn’t the loss of faith!  Faith comes through knowing that which is unseen and Christ knew all unseen!  The doubt of His Father’s presence on the cross drew Him closer to the Father in faith of the Truth of His promises!

Yes, pain is a real thing and God is not absent in our pain!  He is ever-so present in fact!  Remember, He is our great Comforter, Healer and Friend!  Not a moment goes by, painless or painful, that God is not wrapped around us as a cloak of glory!

Struggling To Glory




Pairo me kuch nahi hai bas,Nange pao hum chal rahe hai..

Sisakti aahein, jalti dhoop me,na hai koi chao,hum jal rahe hai..



Yahi sach hai is raaste ka,jis raaste pe hum hai,

Yaha sukh ki pudiya ko dhaake hue,har kadam pe gum hai..



manjil dhundli hai abhi,Magar dikhti jaroor hai,

Aarzoo hai waha pohochne ki,Bas aarzoo ka ankho me noor hai..



Chalenge hum na kabhi thakenge,Na ke laut jayenge,

Thaan liya hai jindagi me,Hum itna to kar hi dikhayenge..



Mushkil hai manjil magar,Hosla humaara na kum hai,

thodi der ki hai mushkile saari,Fir khushiya hardum hai..



Waise to koi shikhwa nahi hume,Na chahiye sukho ki sawaari..

Ye na hota hamare saath to fir,Na us manjil ki koi ehmiyat hoti,Na hamaari…

Yash Chandde….;))